John's Story

Marietjie heard of a severely malnourished child locked up in a shack somewhere in the outskirts of Okahandja. She dropped everything and went looking for him. Nothing could prepare her for what she saw that day. John was lying locked up in a little shack.  His mother was nowhere to be found.  He was more dead than alive.  He did not have enough strength in his emancipated body to get up from the bed. He had a twin, but she lost her battle of neglect, malnutrition, and illness. 


At 10 years of age, he weighed only 12kg.  She took him to the hospital to see a doctor.  The doctor immediately admitted him to hospital.  He stayed there for a couple of days, while the doctors ran some tests.  The diagnoses came that he had AIDS and was already very sick.  Sadly, the doctor suggested that she take him home so that he could die in peace.  She took John home. The house-mommies & caregivers loved him and cared for him, we fed him lots of small meals per day and we gave his medication religiously.  John survived.  It took a year to get him healthy enough so that he could start going to school.  He was 25 years old and while still living at Hope Village Namibia. 


John was not the only miracle success story whom walked the hallways of Hope Village Namibia. Each and every child has a unique, gripping and real-life story that turned into joy.


Sadly he passed away in 2024, May His Soul Forever Rest In Peace..

Selma's Story

Selma’s journey has been marked by significant hardships, having tragically lost both of her parents. Her mother, valiantly battling a cancer diagnosis while enduring the challenges of HIV/AIDS, managed to secure a brighter future for Selma before her passing.


This pivotal moment led Selma to discover a newfound sense of purpose and belonging within the embrace of Hope Village Namibia. Under the compassionate guidance of Marietjie and the dedicated staff at Hope Village Namibia, Selma found solace in the form of a warm bed, nourishing meals, and the opportunity to attend school on a daily basis.


Today, Selma has blossomed into a remarkable individual and has found love in the arms of her life partner. Her unwavering commitment to giving back to the community that nurtured her is truly remarkable. She remains a devoted advocate for Hope Village Namibia, tirelessly dedicated to improving the lives of the younger generation under our care. Selma’s story is a testament to the enduring power of hope and the profound impact that a nurturing environment can have on one’s life


- Give Hope Club

Hope Village Namibia is challanged by the increasing living cost expenses. Give Hope Club is an initiative imploring the Namibian and international business sector to become involved in assisting us with the day-to-day living costs for as little as N$100.00. Take hands with Hope Village Namibia ensuring that 80 children will be taken care of. This is the most important initiative to consider as continuous contributions ensure that the doors of Hope Village Namibia will stay open. Monthly living cost expenses includes (but not limited to):
School Fees | Food & Gas | Clothing & School Attire | Stationery | Fuel | Municipal Bill | Salaries etc.

Businesses in conjunction with Hope Village Namibia can decide which of the above-mentioned living costs they want to cover.  Transparency and accountability for funding to be spent wisely is, of course, our highest priority.






Account name: Hope Village

Bank: Standard Bank Namibia

Branch: Katutura Branch

Branch code: 08297200

Account Number: 042830168

Swift code: SBNMNANX

NB! To our European donors, support Hope Village Namibia through Hope Village Europe. Your generosity brings hope to those in need.

Thank you in advance for making a difference!

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